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It all started with this – US or EU: Which Startup Idea is Better?

And then a question arose:

If the primary reasons why startup infrastructure in EU is not developed enough can be found, why is nobody doing anything about it? We, EU startups, want to stand alongside our colleagues worldwide!

We are asking you to join us, so we can act, together, if nobody else is going to.

If you have any free resources - time to think, time to do something, twitter account with followers, software which can help, ideas, anything - join us. We don't need a lot, just the time and resources which you can spare.

The worst thing that can happen is - we will fail and nothing will be changed. So why not try.

The biggest failure is not to try (many authors).

Structural problems of the EU startup ecosystem and ideas how to overcome them


Failure caused by the lack of experience is not an insurmountable problem, entrepreneurs will learn something out of it, get experience, correct mistakes and start again. But failure caused by a structural problem will not get them to learn anything and it will just make them frustrated. Only experience they will get out of it is that they can’t succeed without proper infrastructure that will support their idea. Then they will try to get to a place where infrastructure won’t stop them but help them to get where they want to go.

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