Are EU entrepreneurs scared of failing?

Some of the US startup friends see EU entrepreneurs as scared of failure, not willing to risk, not hungry enough to succeed. They think that we lack commitment and passion, that we envy Silicon Valley startups and that we choose to focus on obstacles instead of execution.

And, unfortunately, at a certain degree we have to agree with that statements. We have “wrong” cultural “once a failure, always a failure” heritage. But with absolute certainty we claim that this is not a general situation! And we have proof!

And that proof you can find here: So, the only European tech companies that you know of are Skype and Spotify? Here’s another 120 for you.

Also, can you imagine bravery for making the fastest accelerating electric vehicle on the planet by FIA and Guinness Book of Records in country like Croatia?

So yes, some of us are afraid, and I suppose that there are some scared people all over the world also, but not all of us. It is not enough for us entrepreneurs to be brave to succeed. For us to succeed everybody in our micro ecosystem have to be brave! We have to be brave, our investors have to be brave and they have to invest in us enough for us to make brave decisions, and our clients/users have to be brave to try our new, never seen before service, made by us, never heard entrepreneurs.

If anybody in that chain is not brave enough, we can’t bloom like we should!

It is easiest to say that EU entrepreneurs are not brave enough. Are you as a non EU investor brave enough to invest in us enough if we have traction only from our country? One from 28 countries which makes EU? And we need that money to scale across the EU and the world. How to make brave decisions if you don’t have money to finance them? How to make a global company if you only have money for a pizza restaurant? Can you fly a new plane without fuel?

Even if we are brave enough and we know what we are doing, we need fuel and there are some objective reasons why is harder to get that fuel in the EU.

So what we are doing right now is finding that objective obstacles which can be minimized by regulations and then we will try to influence EC and explain them what we need to grow and why.

Soon we will go out with our demands.

And by joining us in our quest, you might say Don Quixote’s quest, you can prove to everybody that you are not afraid to fail. Yes, we might fail but that won’t stop us to try! And through that trying we will do whatever we need to succeed!

By #EUstartupRadicals

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